BALPro member­ship

Th. Geyer member of Bundesverband für alternative Proteinquellen




Promoting alternative protein sources

This is the main task of the BALPro - Bundesverband für alternative Proteinquellen (German Association for Alternative Protein Sources), of which Th. Geyer Ingredients is now a member.

As an intersection between research, business, consumers and politics, the BALPro association connects numerous experts from different areas of the food industry and offers access to industry-specific know-how of its members.

We are pleased to now be part of the BALPro community to further expand our contacts and to develop the topic of alternative protein sources in dialogue with other members. 

Further information can be found here:

If you have any questions about our alternative protein portfolio, please feel free to contact our team or check out our Solutions for alternative Proteins brochure.