Juice concen­trates

For fruit and vegetable juices

In addition to a wide variety of ingredients for beverages, we also supply you with a large selection of ready-to-use and natural concentrates for fruit and vegetable juices.

Many advantages in terms of logistics and shelf life

Our concentrates are available as powder or viscous liquid. As concentrates therefore have a much smaller volume, transport costs can be minimised. Our fruit and vegetable juice concentrates can be easily and cost-effectively used in your production process with the addition of water.

In addition, the use of concentrates achieves a significantly higher shelf life compared to unprocessed fruits or finished juices.

Quality and sustainability

Thanks to the ultra-modern and gentle processing of raw materials, you can meet the growing quality demands of consumers with Th. Geyer Ingredients as your partner.

Our concentrates give a distinctive touch and guarantee you efficient logistics and production without compromising on sustainability, naturalness and health.

Fruit juice concentrates

From our broad portfolio, we can offer you the following fruit varieties, among others:

  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Currant
  • Orange
  • Pomegranate

Do you have a particular variety in mind? We will be happy to assist you.

Vegetable juice concentrates

We offer concentrates for the following vegetable juices:

  • Carrot
  • Pumpkin
  • Beetroot

Do you have any questions or would you like an individual offer?

Our beverage experts will be happy to help you!

Are you interested in other raw materials and ingredients for beverages?

Among other things, we have numerous flavours, destillates, colours and other raw materials to offer

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