Rescuer in distress


In addition to trading in raw materials and ingredients, we round off our portfolio with our own products, which are produced at our site in Höxter-Stahle.

Emergency drinking water bag for air and sea travel

The Th. Geyer Ingredients drinking water containers are watertight emergency drinking water bags and are used in German shipping, for example in lifeboats.

As the bags are both pressure and temperature stable, they are also suitable for use in aviation.

Emergency drinking water supply
Certified for air and sea rescue

Our chlorinated drinking water cans:

  • are certified by the German BG Verkehr under the number 413.009
  • have a minimum shelf life of 5 years after production due to our high hygiene and quality standards
  • contain 100 ml of ultrapure water per can

The containers are available as individual reserves of 200 pieces in a carton or as pre-packed daily rations in bags of 5 (5 x 100 ml) of 36 daily rations in a box.

Our team of experts from Th. Geyer Services is looking forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you.