Leather care

For professional use

Our FLORAL brand shoe polish maintains and impregnates the leather of your shoe while preserving the breathability of the membrane. With this method, shoes made of smooth leather can prove themselves climate-regulating in the long term under extreme conditions.

This high-quality wax-based product for leather care and impregnation has proven its worth for decades, especially in the German Bundeswehr (according to BW TL8030-0017).

Our leather care products consist of a mixture of dissolved waxes, aromatic-free oils (no CHCs) with additions of oil-soluble colourants and hydrophobic agents (silicone). It does not contain any strong-acting acids or free alkalis.

Shoe polish for black leather

The FLORAL wax-based shoe polish is especially suitable for black smooth leather and is also durable under extreme conditions, weatherproof and maintains the breathability of the material.

The shoe polish for black leather is available in a 125 ml aluminium tube as well as a 1 kg wholesale can.

Colour­less shoe care

The colour-neutral FLORAL shoe care product for leather care and impregnation has a caring and hydrophobic effect and consists of waxes, oils and water as an emulsion cream.

The shoe care is an original Bundeswehr product and includes a tube content of 75 ml and 80 pieces per box.

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