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Did you know that about every second beverage contains botanicals?

As a loyal partner of Symrise AG, we at Th. Geyer Ingredients can draw on and build on decades of experience in the classic & state-of-the-art extraction of aromatic botanicals for all beverage segments.

With the latest technologies for modern fruit extraction, we offer a wide range of diverse beverage concepts. The market for flavoured water, for example, is growing steadily as more and more consumers lead healthier lifestyles. Naturalness is the megatrend today.

In addition to beverage concepts, Symrise and Th. Geyer Ingredients can also offer a wide portfolio of different extracts, such as chilli or ginger, for every requirement.

Flavoured water
For the best taste

With the combination of pure water and authentic flavours, our extracts contribute to a healthy and natural beverage product that is low in calories and a refreshing alternative to classic, sugar-rich soft drinks.

Many of our extracts are taken exclusively from the named source (FTNS: From the named source or FTNF: From the named fruit) and offer optimal declaration options for your beverage product in accordance with the EU Flavour Regulation.

Coffee extracts
from the market leader

We are the exclusive partner of Deutsche Extrakt Kaffee (DEK) and can offer you a wide range of soluble coffees and coffee drinks as well as liquid coffees and other hot drinks.

Aroma and quality are preserved through special production methods and deliver a unique taste. The soluble coffee extracts form the basis for a wide range of beverage and food applications.

Premium Flavour Selection
Ingredients for beverages

In our Premium Flavour Selection (PFS), we have compiled the 170 most relevant ingredients for beverages from our comprehensive portfolio of over 1500 qualities.

In addition to flavours and distillates, our PFS also contains numerous extracts clearly arranged for you.

Are you interested in our extracts?

We will be happy to advise you and offer you individual solutions.

Refine your products with our extracts and offer your customers sustainable, healthy beverage alternatives. 

Together we will find the best solution for your project.

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