Food colours

colouring foods & natural colours

The visual appearance of a product is usually the first sensory characteristic we notice. The colour of a product has an enormous influence on product preference. It influences how we perceive certain tastes and subconsciously creates product expectations.

The coloring of foods and beverages allows a product to be more tasty, more attractive and recognizable for consumers – you eat with your eyes. Colour is a very important tool in the food and beverage industry. 

Fields of applica­tion and

Very well suited for applications in sweet and savoury food as well as beverages

Our colouring food products and natural colours are manufactured in compliance with high standards for quality and food safety.

Additionally our products are certified for latest versions of standards like ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP, BRC, SQF, IFS & FAMI-QS to meet our customers' requirements. The majority of our colouring foods and natural colours are halal and kosher certified.

With the help of our FOODSOLUTE® brand we constantly aim to align our portfolio with the needs of our customers and their markets.

Our portfolio contains:

  • colouring foods
  • natural colours
  • synthetic colours

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of important colouring shades.

Discover our world of colours and find your product!

Colouring Foods

Product code Product name Main component Form Solubility
FS641017 White Rice starch dry water dispersible
FS641001 Lemon Yellow Safflower liquid water soluble
FS641018 Yellow Safflower dry water soluble
FS641003 Citrus Yellow Carrot liquid water dispersible
FS641004 Paprika Paprika liquid water soluble
FS641005 Citrus Orange Carrot liquid water dispersible
FS641006 Blood Orange Safflower, Black carrot liquid water soluble
FS641008 Fuchsia Purple Beetroot dry water soluble
FS641009 Fuchsia Red Beetroot liquid water soluble
FS641007 Bright Pink Sweet potato liquid water soluble
FS641010 Red Radish Radish liquid water soluble
FS641012 Dahlia Red Black carrot liquid water soluble
FS641013 Sky Blue Spirulina liquid water soluble
FS641014 Pea Green Spirulina, Safflower dry water soluble
FS641016 Black Hibiscus dry water soluble

Natural colours

Product code Product name E-Number Form Solubility
FS642017 Ivory E170 dry water dispersible
FS642002 Curcumin E100 dry water dispersible
FS642005 Riboflavin E101(i) dry water soluble
FS642019 Beta Carotene E160a(i) dry water soluble
FS642011 Beet Red E162 liquid water soluble
FS642001 Curcumin E100 liquid water soluble
FS642003 Annatto E160b(i) liquid oil soluble
FS642004 Annatto E160b(ii) liquid water soluble
FS642006 Beta Carotene E160a(i) liquid water soluble
FS642020 Paprika E160c liquid water soluble
FS642012 Beet Red E162 dry water soluble
FS642013 Carmine E120 liquid water soluble
FS642021 Black Carrot E163 liquid water soluble
FS642018 Carbon Black E153 dry water dispersible

Synthetic colours

Produktnummer Produktname E-Nummer Form Löslichkeit
FS643001 Tartrazine E102 dry water soluble
FS643002 Chinolin Yellow E104 dry water soluble
FS643003 Sunset Yellow E110 dry water soluble
FS643004 Ponceau E124 dry water soluble
FS643005 Allura Red E129 dry water soluble
FS643006 Carmoisine E122 dry water soluble
FS643007 Indigo Carmine E132 dry water soluble
FS643008 Patent blue E131 dry water soluble
FS643009 Brilliant blue E133 dry water soluble
FS643010 Black E151 dry water soluble
FS643011 Pea green E102, E133 dry water soluble
FS643012 Chocolate Brown E155 dry water soluble
FS643013 Black E133, E110, E122 dry water soluble


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