Main­te­nan­ce & Repair

full sup­ply is more than the de­liv­ery of your labor­at­ory tech­no­logy

Of course, our ser­vice does not end with you re­ceiv­ing your labor­at­ory equip­ment and tech­no­logy from us and gladly put­ting it in­to op­er­a­tion with our sup­port. We also take care of the ne­ces­sary main­ten­ance and in­spec­tions for you. And if something should break, we will co­ordin­ate this for you in dir­ect con­sulta­tion with the man­u­fac­turer. Be­cause we are your com­pet­ent part­ner for labor­at­ory sup­plies at all times. Simply con­tact your per­son­al con­tact per­son in our cus­tom­er ser­vice or use the con­tact form for your en­quiry about main­ten­ance and in­spec­tion, e.g. of safety cab­in­ets, or about re­pair.

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Pipette calibration
valid in Denmark

Piston pipettes are precision instruments that require regular care and maintenance to ensure consistent accuracy.
Th. Geyer offers you a manufacturer-independent complete service for pipettes of all brands: from calibration according to ISO 8655 to repair and adjustment to the replacement of a defective pipette.


To­geth­er with our part­ner ORBEN we of­fer an on-site ex­press ser­vice. All you have to do is in­form Th. Gey­er and an ex­pert will soon take care of everything from re­pla­cing to re­con­nect­ing the cart­ridge.

For you, this means: no wait­ing times and no ship­ping and trans­port costs. Re­place­ment fil­ters, con­sum­able parts and re­place­ment cart­ridges are al­ways avail­able for all com­mer­cially avail­able wa­ter sys­tems. You can choose between single re­gen­er­a­tion or vouch­ers.

check­ing fume

Time is pre­cious in the labor­at­ory: In or­der to be able to of­fer you fume cup­board main­ten­ance even faster and more flex­ibly, Th. Gey­er works to­geth­er with se­lec­ted re­gion­al part­ners. This en­sures short­er dis­tances and faster ser­vice. You con­tact your per­son­al con­tacts as usu­al with your re­quest, we take care of all the rest.