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Here you can find our limited valid promotions with great savings

With LABSOLUTIONS we make your laboratory shopping at Th. Geyer even more attractive. Here you will regularly find special offers and prices for top products from leading manufacturers.

Labsolutions 2/2023
valid until 30.06.2023

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LABSOLUTE® catalogue 2023
Laboratory consumables – top products for you
CHEMSOLUTE® catalogue 2023
Laboratory chemicals – top products for you
Th. Geyer catalogue 2021-2023
Consumables, equipment and chemicals – 1.600 pages

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Dehydrated Nutrient Media & Supplements
Liquid and solid nutrient media ready for use
Laboratory furniture and equipment
Planning, assembly, operation
Customised Solutions from CHEMSOLUTE®
Chemicals custom-made for you
Green Solvents
for sustainable chemistry
Absorbent for oil and chemicals
Cleanroom brochure
Protection, Cleaning, Equipment
Th. Geyer protein workflow