is more than just the delivery of your products

Per­fect pro­cesses between our ex­perts for pur­chas­ing, our man­u­fac­turer net­work as well as our lo­gist­ics pro­fes­sion­als en­sure high avail­ab­il­ity and fast de­liv­ery of your ordered products. Wheth­er from our own ware­house for labor­at­ory chem­ic­als in Ren­nin­gen, which is one of the largest in Europe, or from our ware­house for con­sum­ables and equip­ment in Höxter-Stahle or via the LLG lo­gist­ics site in Meck­en­heim ¬- our pro­fes­sion­als do everything they can every day to en­sure that you are re­li­ably sup­plied.

Thanks to our for­ward-look­ing pur­chas­ing and stor­age strategy, we can of­ten of­fer you al­tern­at­ive products, es­pe­cially in times of un­cer­tain avail­ab­il­ity on the glob­al mar­ket. This se­cures your pro­cesses and min­im­ises risks if, for ex­ample, a man­u­fac­turer has de­liv­ery prob­lems.

And our ser­vices go far bey­ond that: we sup­port your pur­chas­ing with fur­ther in­di­vidu­al ser­vices for a cost-op­tim­ised, se­cure and trans­par­ent full sup­ply of your labor­at­ory.

By the way: thanks to our lo­gist­ics ser­vices, many of our cus­tom­ers have already been able to dis­mantle their own haz­ard­ous ma­ter­i­als ware­houses and rely en­tirely on the se­cure sup­ply provided by Th. Gey­er.

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Glo­ba­l Sour­cing

Our ser­vice ori­ent­a­tion also ap­plies to dif­fi­cult chal­lenges. Of course, we also sup­ply you with art­icles that are dif­fi­cult to pro­cure or that go bey­ond the cur­rent port­fo­lio - in­clud­ing re­search and im­port pro­cessing.

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Cus­tom­ised product range ex­pan­sion

We are happy to in­teg­rate in­di­vidu­al art­icles or en­tire product lines in­to our port­fo­lio ac­cord­ing to your needs.

Batch re­ser­va­tions

Of course, you will al­ways re­ceive the same batch of your de­sired products from us on re­quest. We store the goods for you and save you the trouble of hav­ing to ana­lyse the in­com­ing batches with each new goods re­ceipt.

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Stand­ing and call-off or­ders

We will be happy to stock your products for you and of­fer you the op­tion of pur­chas­ing them in the form of stand­ing and call-off or­ders. Feel free to con­tact us about quant­ity con­tracts.

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Cus­tom­ised de­liv­ery and in­voicing

Do you want in­voicing based on cost centres or project num­bers? Do you need con­sol­id­ated or de­part­ment-spe­cif­ic de­liv­er­ies? No prob­lem. Our cost centre-re­lated pick­ing saves you a lot of time. We de­liv­er to a cent­ral goods re­ceiv­ing point or dir­ectly to the end user, whichever is best for your pro­cesses.

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Filling of chem­ic­als in spe­cial sizes

We can even sup­ply you with very small con­tain­ers. Just talk to us about your in­di­vidu­al labor­at­ory re­quire­ments. Our filling ex­perts will make it pos­sible for you. By the way: We also have the right solu­tions for you when it comes to spe­cial pack­aging.

Customised Solutions: Perfect for your individual laboratory needs. We can even supply you with the smallest of containers. Our filling experts make it possible for you.

By the way: We are glad to have chemicals produced especially for your requirements and we also have the right solutions for you when it comes to special packaging.