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This is our motto for a range of different dessert powders that are delicious, practical and easy to make.

The broad portfolio of our FEMTORP® brand is just right for bulk consumers, confectioners and caterers who are looking for a simple yet flexible dessert solution.

About the history of Femtorp®

Our delicious dessert mousse and the FEMTORP® brand have their origins in Sweden. The company's founders, Clas Gustafsson and Håkan Olsson, began developing a chocolate mousse in the 1990s, following the example of a Swiss recipe, which only needed to be whipped with water.

In 1995, the two founded the company FEMTORP AB, which is still based in Malmö. The company and the brand were named after the street where Gustafsson lived at the time. Over the years, many more varieties were developed and now FEMTORP AB has a broad portfolio of food ingredients and ingredients in addition to dessert powders.

In 2019, Th. Geyer Ingredients took over part of the brand rights for the distribution of the dessert products in order to further diversify the portfolio and open up new markets together with the Swedish founders.

Numerous varieties

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