For the perfect scent

The world of fragrances is as diverse, inspiring and emotional as music. We find notes and chords from nature and synthesis in countless compositions to smell as well as to hear.

With our innovative ideas, we contribute to the inspiring fragrance experience in high-class perfumes, daily body care or well-being at home and on the go. We also give washing and cleaning products as well as technical applications the kick with the right fragrance oil.



The magic of fragrances

"A scent should re-awaken the best moments in life"

Inspired by this quote from Karl Lagerfeld, our Fragrances business unit provides the caring aspects in creams and lotions as well as the trendy scent in perfumes with its perfume oils.

In addition to purely natural raw materials, upcycling is also playing an increasingly important role. For many years now, orange oil and lemon oil have been extracted from the peels of citrus fruits after they have been pressed.

Today, a variety of sources are used to produce perfume oils with a high proportion of renewable raw materials. Experience the magic of fragrances with us – together we will find the right fragrance for your market success:

  • Fine Perfumery
  • Creams and lotions
  • Shampoos
  • Shower baths
  • Cleansers and detergents
We offer the matching fragrances
Sympathetic for your individual applications

Skin compatibility, performance and stability are just as much part of the perfumers' specifications for today's compositions as sustainability, biodegradability or naturalness.

Are you looking for fragrances
to make your scents more attractive?

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