Gum Arabic

Versatile raw material from tree bark

Th. Geyer Ingredients is the exclusive distribution partner for the French supplier Alland & Robert on the German market.

The internationally operating family business was founded in 1884 and offers comprehensive expertise in the procurement and processing of gum arabic. The portfolio includes the plant exudates of the types Acacia Gum and Karaya Gum. These are extracted from tree bark in Africa and India and further processed into versatile raw materials.

Alland & Robert has built up an excellent reputation for quality and innovation over many years and is now a leading player in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The natural raw materials are versatile and support a high-fibre, healthy, vegetarian and vegan diet with a friendly product declaration.

Acacia Gum
Versatile use in the food and beverage industry

Acacia gum (E414) is extracted from the African acacia tree, considered a natural and healthy ingredient and has many applications in the food industry.

In the Senegal and Seyal qualities, acacia gum is used as an emulsifier and stabiliser in drinks such as soft drinks and beer, and is used in food production to improve texture and consistency or to increase the fibre content.

Karaya Gum
Binder with broad applicability

Karaya gum (E416) is used as a natural binding agent, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry for medicines and tablets. It is extracted from the resin of the Indian Sterculia tree, provides excellent adhesion and is known for its ability to bind moisture.

In food, karaya gum is primarily used as a thickening agent to achieve a desired consistency.

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