in many shapes, sizes and colours

Texture is one of the biggest quality attributes of many foods. It can signal freshness and also provides an enhanced taste experience and mouthfeel that sets your product apart and makes it a lot more interesting for consumers.

Our individually developed extrudates can help you achieve this – whether as a stand-alone product or part of a blend. With us, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of the ingredients you use, as well as characteristics such as colour, taste, size, crunchiness and bulk weight.

Extrudates by Th. Geyer

Usual applications:

  • Chocolate (for crunchiness)
  • Muesli and cereals (for crunchiness)
  • Bakery products (as topping, decoration or for better water retention)
  • Cereal bars (for crunchiness)
  • For protein and fibre enrichment

Advantages of our extrudates:

  • Individual solutions
  • Possibility of coatings (colour, taste, fat)
  • Crispies with high protein and fibre content possible
  • Gluten-free possible
  • Organic quality possible
  • Better water binding

We are ready to work with you to develop the perfect product!

Our extruded products allow you to give each of your products the perfect crunchiness, or a special flavour, or colour!

Additional (spray-based) coatings are possible for all extruded products.

Possible raw material selection:

  • Crisps: Corn, wheat, spelt, quinoa or rice
  • Crumpies: rice, chocolate, oat, raspberry or protein

We supply the following forms, among others:


1 mm - x mm,
round to oval, cylindrical, ring-shaped
Special shapes (e.g. bears, hearts, stars etc.)

Cereal cushions

1.5 cm x 1.5 cm to 3 cm x 3 cm
Pillow-shaped, different fillings possible

Cereal sticks/snacks

Length: 3 cm - 20 cm / Diameter: up to 1.5 cm
Elongated or stick-shaped, various fillings possible


Do you have questions about our extruded products?

Our product managers will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer.

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