STADTRADELN: A campaign for the climate

Th. Geyer gets on his bike and takes again part in the city cycling event



Every kilometre counts!

The cycling season is starting and Th. Geyer is committed to support the climate. In the STADTRADELN campaign, we want to cycle as many everyday paths as possible for a total of 21 days in a climate-friendly and health-conscious way by leaving our cars at home. 

Höxter is kicking off the campaign and will be cycling from 01.06 to 21.06. But also in Renningen we are looking forward to cycle several routes every day from 23.06 to 13.07. Since STADTRADELN is a nationwide campaign, we will also be cycling at our location in Hamburg from 10.09. to 30.09.

At the end of the campaign, the kilometers covered by the Th. Geyer teams will be counted because the team spirit is in the focus. But we are also curious to see which cyclist will pedal most diligently in the respective region.

If you would like to find out more about STADTRADELN, you can find further information here:

Source of image: Klima-Bündnis