Wagosuszarka (analizator wilgoci)


Type max. load g Resolution g Min. temp. °C Max. temp. °C PK
Purchase order number
Cat. No. Type max. load g Resolution g Min. temp. °C Max. temp. °C PK
9902602 MA100C 100 0.001 30 180 1
9902603 MA100H 100 0.001 30 180 1
9902604 MA100Q 100 0.001 30 230 1

  • Infrared heating using a round ceramic heating element (MA100C), a halogen round heater (MA100H) or a coiled quartz (CQR) heating element (MA100Q)
  • Utmost safety due to self-calibrating system and full GMP suitability
  • Ideally suited for samples with high moisture content due to quick control behaviour
  • Sample quantity 5-15g
  • % moisture content (optionally available with conversion factor), % dry weight, RATIO value, mg weight loss, g residue, g/kg residue, g/l residue
  • Temperature range and settings 30°C to 180°C, stand-by temperature selectable from 30°C to 100°C in increments of 1 degree
  • Heating programs: standard, quick, gentle and phase drying
  • Shutoff criteria (optional): fully automatic, SPRM mode (optimization to a reference system), semi-automatic (1-50mg/5-300sec.), semi-automatic (0.1-5.0%/5-300sec.), timer setting (0.1-999min.), timer setting and fully/semi-automatic (0.1-999min. and automatic), manual
  • Access to sample chamber Motorized cover
  • 30 programs saved in a non-volatile memory (freely selectable parameters)
  • Result statistics for the last 9999 measurements/program
  • Menu-driven, alphanumeric dialogue text (5 languages selectable)
  • Optimized text entry via softkeys, numeric entry via keypad, optional data entry via barcode scanner, printout optional using an internal printer (Cat. No. 9.902 611), configurable GLP-report for measuring results, calibration, adjustment (5 languages selectable)
  • Internal calibration weight, automatic reproTEST for the weighing system, automatic temperature calibration with optional temperature adjustment set (Cat. No. 6.264 042) , documentation in accordance with the applicable quality assurance requirements
  • Safety Parameter settings password-protected against unauthorized access