pH/mV-measuring unit inoLab Cond 7110


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9920096 Cond 7110 Meter only including accessories 1
9920097 Cond 7110 Set 1 Meter including TetraCon® 325 and accessories 1

The inoLab® benchtops are perfectly designed for modern laboratory surroundings. The key pads are clearly outlined and easy-to-operate, their smooth surfaces are easy-to-clean and the operation is self-explanatory. All meters include a universal power supply and a convenient stand with sensor support. If desired they can be ordered in application oriented sets including sensors and accessories.
Modern conductivity measurement is easy to do. the inoLab® Cond 7110 has all important functions for measuring conductivity like adjustable reference temperature and different methods of temperature compensation. A big LCD segment display makes readings easy and a well-arranged keypad provides convenient operation. The automatic AutoRead function supports correct and repeatable results. Each meter come with a stand and accessories.