Disposable gloves, nitrile Sensitive, powder-free


The powder-free, lavender blue LABSOLUTE® disposable gloves Sensitive made of nitrile are flat with a rolled cuff and offer excellent elasticity and wearing comfort. A special after-treatment makes these LABSOLUTE® disposable gloves skin friendly and easy to put on. The gloves have textured finger tips....

 Petri dishes, soda-lime glass


The LABSOLUTE® petri dishes are made of soda-lime glass and supplied in two parts. The inner diameter and the height refer to the bottom plate, the outer diameter refers to the upper plate. They are autoclavable at 121 °C....

 Safety spectacles wave


The sporty safety spectacles from LABSOLUTE® comply with EN 166 and EN 170. They match even the strictest regulations in terms of occupational protection and safety. The lenses of all spectacle models are made of high-quality polycarbonate UV 2 - 1,2. Special coating of the crystal-clear lens guarantees a scratch-proof and permanent non-fogging viewing surface. Innovative technologies and ultra-modern materials also ensure an excellent fit, distortion-free vision and 100 % UV protection - for, quite simply, comfort of the highest order....

 Safety pipette fillers, natural rubber


The red LABSOLUTE® safety pipette fillers Universal, Standard and Flip, made of natural rubber are the perfect complement for the LABSOLUTE® graduated and volumetric pipettes as well as all other graduated, volumetric and serological pipettes.

Especially the version Flip with its integrated automatic valve and only two operating points is very easy to handle....

 Griffin beakers (Measuring beakers without handle), PP


LABSOLUTE® measuring and griffin beakers are made of chemical-resistant, transparent PP and are therefore particularly lightweight. They feature a clearly legible printed scale and a functional spout and are approved for food use and autoclavable up to 121 °C. Production is compliant with ISO 7056.

 Pasteur pipettes, LDPE


LABSOLUTE® Pasteur pipettes guarantee a comfortable and safe handling of fluids. Due to the constant drop volume the transfer pipettes are perfectly suited to aliquot larger volumes of liquids. The soft suction ball and precisely finished tip guarantee pleasant, clean working.

  • Made from transparent LDPE
  • Suitable for food analyses
  • Free of BSE

 pH indicator strips


The CHEMSOLUTE® pH indicator strips enable fast and accurate pH value determination. The range offers suitable products for a wide variety of pH value intervals.

  • High accuracy and easy legibility
  • Stable carrier strips with coloured test fields
  • Non-bleeding, no contamination of the medium
  • 100 strips per pack

 Test tubes, rimless, soda-lime glass


LABSOLUTE® test tubes made of soda-lime glass are rimless with a wall thickness of 0.7 - 0.9 mm. Compared to the borosilicate tubes they are less resistant against temperature changes and aggressive chemicals....

 Lab coat, 100 % cotton


The white LABSOLUTE® lab coat is made of 100 % cotton fabric with a weight of 305 g/m². It features a lapel collar, two patch pockets, a breast pocket, and a concealed placket. The long-sleeved coat is suitable for all kind of standard laboratory application. Due to its UPF 50+ function it keeps off more than 98 % of the ultraviolet rays. Our comfortable LABSOLUTE® lab coat is available in women's cut from XS to 2XL size, as well as in men's cut from S to 4XL size. The individual embroidery of the lab coat with personal lettering or the company logo is available on request....

 Funnels, short stem, borosilicate glass 3.3


LABSOLUTE® short-stem funnels are made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3. They can also be used to decant and filter hot liquids. LABSOLUTE® funnels with diameter from 35 - 150 mm fit to almost every application. All funnels are manufactured on the basis of ISO 4798....

 Microscope slide boxes, PS


The LABSOLUTE® slide storage boxes are made of stable PS and will be delivered with a dustproof lid. The boxes can be stacked for space-saving and safe storage. Numbered positions on the bottom and an index table facilitate the identification and organization of your preparations.

  • For 50 microscope slides (76 x 26 mm)
  • Available in different colours
  • Temperature-resistant down to -40 °C
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 30 x 83 mm

 Laboratory bottles, clear, with PP screw caps


LABSOLUTE® laboratory bottles are made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 and are therefore extremely temperature-resistant up to 500 °C. They comply with EN ISO standard 4796-1. The bottles have a retrace code, a durable volume scale as well as a GL45 thread (GL32 thread for 50 ml bottles). The bottles as well as the closures are resistant against a wide range of chemicals....

 Cell culture flasks, treated, sterile, PS


The cell culture flasks from LABSOLUTE® are made exclusively of PS, corresponding to the highest international standards (USP Class VI). A short, wide and angled neck allows an easy handling while the risk of contamination is minimized. The treatment of surfaces allows adherent cells a uniform and even cell adhesion....

 Weighing boats, diamond-shaped, PS


The LABSOLUTE® weighing boats made of PS feature smooth surfaces to transfer each kind of sample easily with minimal sample loss. The material is antistatic, biologically inert and resistant to both weak and diluted acids, lyes and alcohols and to temperatures from -10 °C up to 70 °C. All dishes are food-grade compliant and can be used with microwave moisture analyzers....

 Blender bags, sterile, PE


The LABSOLUTE® blender bags made of high-quality pure PE are designed for safe and rapid homogenization of solid samples prior to microbiological and chemical analysis. The homogenising bags can be used in direct contact with food. They are available in three versions: without filter, with side fleece filter with a pore size of <250 μm or with a full-page fleece filter with a pore size of <280 μm....

 Folded filters, qualitative, grade 2015


The qualitative filter papers are manufactured from pure cellulose with a proportion of alpha-cellulose of almost 100 %. The ash content is about 0.06 %.

Grade 2015, medium to slow filtering, particle retention 5-8 µm, filtration speed 50 s according to DIN 53137, basis weight 87 g/m², thickness 0.16 mm...

 Wash bottles, narrow-mouth, LDPE


The LABSOLUTE® tightly closing wash bottles made of LDPE are ideal for dispensing liquids. The precisely shaped outlet opening on the wash bottle ensures that the right quantity of liquid is dispensed and the target of the jet is focused. The wash bottles are available with a narrow-mouth and a wide-mouth design....

 Pipette tips without aerosol barrier in racks, non-sterile


LABSOLUTE® offers a complete assortment for your pipetting tasks - no matter whether packed in bags, within racks or as an efficient refill system: all pipette tips are part of a system in which the components can be exchanged. The pipette tips are made of pure PP and comply with EN ISO 8655. In combination with the LABSOLUTE® pipettes, they constitute the perfect pipetting unit. Thanks to their universal fit and the high-quality material, the tips guarantee a firm and absolutely tight hold on various pipette models. And all this with much less attachment and ejection forces. The fully automated production and packaging of the pipette tips under clean room conditions guarantee completely contamination-free working conditions with products which are certified free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and pyrogens - to ensure reproducible and consistent results....

 Petri dishes, PS


The LABSOLUTE® petri dishes are made of crystal-clear PS and offer high optical clarity. The dishes with three vents support gas exchange and are ideal for short incubation times. Dishes without vents are best suited for anaerobic and long-term work. The Petri dishes are prepared and packed under aseptic conditions. Sterilisation for the sterile dishes is done by beta rays....

 Racks for 15 ml centrifuge tubes, PA


The LABSOLUTE® racks for 15 ml (Ø 17 mm) and 50 ml (Ø 30 mm) centrifuge tubes are made of reinforced nylon and moulded in one piece.

  • Flat labelling area
  • Suitable for use in water bath
  • Available in two sizes
  • Autoclavable


 Laboratory notebooks


The LABJOURNAL offers all criteria for documenting data and experimental processes most efficiently. Each page is numbered serially and includes space for title, signature and date. In addition, you can create a table of contents and write notes on the first pages of the notebook. The acid-free pages are ageing resistant and therefore suitable for long-term archiving. Combined with the waterproof and chemical-resistant cover, these conditions guarantee safe documentation of your notes over many years....

 Screw neck vials ND24 (EPA)


Screw neck vials ND24 made of clear and amber first hydrolytic class glass are suitable for EPA (Environmental Protection Association) analysis and can, upon request, be supplied with a sterility certificate that is specifically required for TOC analyses.

These vials are especially used with autosamplers made by Agilent, Dionex, Shimadzu, Tekmar, Thermo Scientific and Varian....

 Magnetic stirring bars, cylindrical, PTFE


The cylindrical LABSOLUTE® magnetic stirring bars have a smooth surface. The PTFE coating makes them particularly resistant to chemicals and temperatures....

 Basic timer


The LABSOLUTE® range offers you a practical selection of precise chronometers which provide functions geared towards the requirements of the laboratory sector.

The LABSOLUTE® basic timer is a handy, lightweight and functional timer with a simple design.

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 50 x 69 x 8 mm
  • LR-54 battery included
  • Countdown function
  • Four-digit display up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds
  • With magnet on the back
  • With power switch on the back for longer battery life

 Labelling tapes, rainbow mix, 12 m


The LABSOLUTE® labelling tapes can be used to label test tubes or colour code laboratory utensils. The tapes are easy to label and leave no sticky residue when removed. They are temperature resistant from -23 - 121 °C.

Core diameter 25 mm.

Compilation of the rainbow mix:
7695407: 3 x blue, 3 x green, 3 x orange, 3 x red, 5 x white, 4 x yellow and 3 x pink...

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