Pipette controler, rechargable


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7696030 Pipette controller with accessories 1
7696031 PTFE membrane filter 0.2 µm 5
7696032 PTFE membrane filter 0.45 µm 5
7696033 Silicone adapter with safety valve 1
7696034 Pipette holder cone, black 1
7696035 Spare charger 1
7696036 Spare batteries 2
7696037 Pipette holder cone, red 1
7696038 Pipette holder cone, blue 1
7696039 Pipette holder cone, green 1
7696040 Pipette holder cone, orange 1

Pipetting made easy - the wireless LABSOLUTE® Pipette assistant ensures comfortable working with glass and plastic pipettes (0.1 - 100 ml).

  • Effortless pipetting thanks to the ergonomic grip and smooth-running buttons
  • Simple operation with one hand
  • High working speed: a 25 ml pipette is filled in less than four seconds
  • Extremely quiet and powerful motor with three speed settings
  • The charging device prevents overloading or heating of the battery
  • Exchangeable membrane filters protect the device mechanism against contamination
  • Differently coloured autoclavable cones allow customization

The supplied package includes charger, batteries, desktop stand, wall mount bracket and two spare membrane filters (PTFE 0.2 µm, PTFE 0.45 µm). You will also receive three differently coloured pipette holder cones (blue, green and orange). Accessories can be ordered separately if required.