Laboratory gas burner Powerjet 2


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7637621 powerjet 2 1

The mobile handheld laboratory gas burner with piezoelectrical ignition for natural gas, propane / butane gas. For all flame sterilization work in the microbiology or biotechnical fields.

  • Ignition at keystroke
  • Size of the flame infinitely adjustable
  • Gas supply only when bar is pressed
  • The flame can be regulated in size
  • With a locking device for long term flaming
  • Connection for gas cartridge or gas tubing
  • Safe handling due to one-handed operation

Scope of supply: Gas burner, adapter for gas cartridges CV 360, tubing connector with swivel nut, stainless steel stand, nozzle for natural gas (08), nozzle for propane / butane gas (06), nozzle-box spanner, wrenches (14 / 17 mm) and instruction manual