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7695852 5 ml pipette tips 188 102 2


7695853 10 ml pipette tips 188 102 2

LABSOLUTE® offers a complete assortment for your pipetting tasks - no matter whether packed in bags, within racks or as an efficient refill system: all pipette tips are part of a system in which the components can be exchanged. The pipette tips are made of pure PP and comply with EN ISO 8655. In combination with the LABSOLUTE® pipettes, they constitute the perfect pipetting unit. Thanks to their universal fit and the high-quality material, the tips guarantee a firm and absolutely tight hold on various pipette models. And all this with much less attachment and ejection forces. The fully automated production and packaging of the pipette tips under clean room conditions guarantee completely contamination-free working conditions with products which are certified free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and pyrogens - to ensure reproducible and consistent results.

  • High quality standard
  • Graduated tips: the volume is visible at first glance
  • 200 and 1000 µl tips are available in yellow or blue, respectively
  • Autoclavable

Our pipette tips boxes for comfortable and efficient pipetting:
  • Simple-to-use closure for single-handed opening
  • The transparent design provides a complete overview of the tips
  • Coloured trays enable fast recognition of the volume
  • Refill system: easy and fast removal and replacement of the trays
  • Stackable boxes for space-saving and safe storage
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C

The LABSOLUTE® boxes made of PP offer space for 18 pieces of 5 ml (7.695 850) or 10 ml (7.695 851) pipette tips from LABSOLUTE®, respectively. Tips are not included.