LLG-Exact-Temp Standard thermometers, red spirit-filled


For monitoring critical temperature conditions in deep freezes, refrigerators, cold rooms, blood bank refrigerators, incubators and warming chambers.

  • thermometer certifiable to National Standards
  • supplied with works test certificate
  • thermometer stem safely encapsulated in PTFE
  • each thermometer is mounted in a square-shaped shatter-proof plastic bottle filled with a liquid to ensure accurate readings despite the opening and closing of instrument doors.
  • each thermometer has an individual serial number.

LLG-Precisions thermometer, blue spirit filled +25...+45:0,1°C for incubators


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 Mini-Incubator CULTURA® M inclusive Multirack


The CULTURA ® M Mini-Incubator has specifically been designed for the incubation of contact slides and dipslides, as well as common Petri dishes for detecting bacteria, fungi and yeast. With its extremely small footprint, it can easily be transported wherever you need to use it. The Cultura...

 Digital bottle thermometers

Ludwig Schneider

The filling medium of the bottle gives the temperature sensors the necessary inertia to obtain stable measurement results even after opening the devices.

  • Thermometers traceable to international standards (with certificate of conformance and accuracy)
  • Temperature units: °C or °F
  • 3 display modes: maximum, minimum, and current temperature
  • Alarm function
  • 3 m long cable (diameter: 1 mm)
  • Alkaline battery (AAA) included
  • Plastic bottle made of PETG filled with 30 ml ethylene glycol mixture
  • With fold-out stand
  • Individual serial numbers

 Min./max. alarm thermometer, Type 13030, digital

Ludwig Schneider

Digital thermometer for monitoring freezers, refrigerators, and incubators. The temperature sensor is built into a 5 ml plastic bottle filled with ethylene glycol mixture.

  • Display of current and min./max. temperature
  • °C/°F selection
  • Min./max. memory
  • High/low alarm
  • Time and date display
  • 3 m long cable
  • With pull-out stand

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 Mini-Incubator Heratherm™ Compact


The most compact unit of the Heratherm™ microbiological incubator family has an 18L capacity, ideal for personalized workspace.

  • Minimal footprint for space restricted lab areas
  • Temperatures at or below ambient
  • High temperature accuracy
  • Internal light facilitates sample observartion

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 Accessories for CO2 Incubators INCOmed


Comfort module:
two gas connections with quick release connectors, automatic switch-over gas cylinders (impossible in combination with O 2module)
Hygiene module:
electropolished interior, seamlessly welded by laser
Communication module:
USB interface, "Celsius" standard software for the control and logging of temperature, CO...

 Accessories for Incubators INC-200 / INC-200D



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