Single channel microlitre pipettes Eppendorf Reference® 2 (General Lab Product), variable


The new pipette Eppendorf Reference ® 2 combines the well-known and proven premium features of the "Reference", such as highest precision, durability and ergonomics, with innovative new state-of-the-art technology.

  • Embedded RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the pipette and offers with Eppendorf TrackIT a simple identification and documentation
  • Colour coded and volume labelled for quick identification of the volume size/tip size
  • Round upper part without finger hooks allows working in any position
  • 4-digit display for exact volume setting (clearly visible from every angle)
  • Quick and secure volume setting, include volume lock
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Movable parts and external edges made from stainless steel equip the pipette with outstanding robustness at potential impact sites and protect internal components

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