Lab­solutions 2/2024

Special offers and savings prices until 30.06.2024




With LABSOLUTIONS we make your laboratory shopping at Th. Geyer even more attractive.

On the 32 pages plus 8 pages of inserts in the current issue, you will find attractive promotional offers and special prices for top products from leading manufacturers such as Merck, Eppendorf, BRAND and Binder until 30 June 2024.

For some products, we also offer you the opportunity to compare two brands directly. For example, discover the LABSOLUTE® brand as an alternative.

Campaign brochure
As an online catalogue and for direct download

For more fun while saving, you can browse through the current offer brochure directly online as a flip catalogue or download it directly as a PDF file. By clicking on an article in our online catalogues and PDFs, you can go directly to the selected product in the shop.
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View or download our Danish and Swedish brochures directly here.

The current top offers from our brand trio

Life science products, chemicals, consumables & laboratory technology

Our strong brand trio has interesting, sustainable and high-quality alternatives for you. Benefit from special prices on the following products from our three brands: